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If you have an automated production or processing environment, we can improve your operation.

How Will RPM™ Improve Your Business?

Refined Productivity Management™ takes all available technical, operational and business information into consideration and realigns all components, programs and employee actions to create a production environment that automatically operates in the optimum condition, all the time.

operations intelligence

Operations Intelligence

Visibility of operations metrics at all levels from the operating equipment to the board room through a single interface.



We monitor all system components to minimize waste generating scenarios, and wherever possible, create automated responses to prevent such conditions from occurring.



Our system controls and monitors the production lines, allowing for continuous operation and virtually eliminating unplanned interruptions.

Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Case Study: Neptune Terminals

Neptune Terminals increased shipping capacity using Confirmed Automation Systems.

Case Study: Monterey Mushrooms

The Morgan Hill Facility packages their mushrooms 70% faster using Confirmed Automation Systems.