Like it or not, the Internet has become a part of our daily lives at home and at work.  We can connect our cars, homes, and various gadgets to automate tasks and record and retain activity data. Modern manufacturing practices can achieve the same level of connectivity which generate countless possibilities for process optimization, analysis, and control. In the very near future, Industry 4.0 practices and connectivity to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will be minimum requirements for successful manufacturing companies.

In a recent review by Accenture, manufacturing executives stated that connectivity with the IIoT has positively impacted three main areas of their business: staff productivity, asset optimization, and cost reduction.  An example provided was a Stone Cutting business that realized a 33% increase in productivity and a 70% increase in profitability by implementing a sensor based Manufacturing Execution System(MES). When production data is captured live and translated, production reporting is automated and information exchange with ERP and other business systems is seamless and accurate.

We’ve all been exposed to various levels of asset optimization over the past couple of decades, but sensor-based controls upgrades can have a massive impact on productivity when synchronized with internal and external information systems.

Increase in Investment per Annum by Sector: Financial Services 13%, Technology 17%, Entertainment 18%, Retail 20%, Healthcare 20%, Hospitality 22%, Industrial 25%, Automotive 31%, Power & Utilities 32%, Energy & Mining 33%

Increase in Investment per Annum by Sector

Synchronization of controls technologies and commercial systems allowed Verizon to realize a 55 million kilowatt annual saving and a 66 million pound reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Predix is General Electric’s software platform for the collection and analysis of data from industrial machines. General Electric plans to support the growing Industrial Internet of Things with cloud servers and an app store. GE executives expect a 1% increase in internet and cloud solution efficiency from adopting “Predix”, which is expected to generate a billion dollars in savings.

Intel is projecting a $9M savings from a similar technology initiative.

The bottom-line is that having the MES synchronized with internet and cloud solutions can help manufacturing businesses significantly enhance process and efficiency. By collecting and reporting on data collected from the production lines and synchronizing with external data, Operational Intelligence is maximized and informed decision making becomes the norm.  More and more producers are embedding sensors to equipment, locations, processes and products to extract and analyze information to make better decisions and boost transparency. Confirmed Automation Systems is uniquely positioned to assess your current operation and define the path to “what is possible”.