Operations Intelligence

Operations Intelligence provides visual, measurable data.

Operations Intelligence Dashboards


By extracting data directly from the production environment, our customizable and user friendly dashboards provide visibility of your operational metrics at all levels from the plant floor to the boardroom.


  • Visualization and analytics capabilities of production environments
  • Automated production and compliance reporting

Visibility of operations metrics at all levels from the operating equipment to the board room through a single interface.

Dashboard Capabilities

Below are a few examples of our clients’ visualization and analytical capabilities.

Bulk Material Processing

Dashboard created to show real-time production flow from rail car unloading facility through to client vessel loading with full access to historical data for comparison.

Product Traceability – PTI

Dashboard shows complete routing and flow of specific product from receiving through production facility, through to client acceptance. Reflects complete control of inventory throughout the entire process and fully supports PTI compliance.


Dashboard shows actual comparative data between productivity, quality and component availability. This provides key supporting intelligence for lean manufacturing and 6 Sigma initiatives.


Dashboard shows production delays/interruptions by component and frequency. Provides real-time visibility to allow maintenance and engineering departments to rapidly assess areas for component replacement, upgrade or capital investment.

Production Control and Automated Reporting

Dashboard shows real-time visibility of productivity levels in a client manufacturing facility, showing efficiency versus target reference and full access to historical data for comparison and planning.

Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Case Study: Neptune Terminals

Neptune Terminals increased shipping capacity using Confirmed Automation Systems.

Case Study: Monterey Mushrooms

The Morgan Hill Facility packages their mushrooms 70% faster using Confirmed Automation Systems.