Our Expertise

Founded by Operations, Maintenance and Engineering Professionals

Who Are We?

Our team is a talented blend of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers, operations and maintenance managers, automation specialists, data scientists, and other smart folks. We provide comprehensive synchronization of production equipment, controls and manpower, with a highly visual and adaptable operational intelligence reporting system. Through RPM™, we capture the collective intelligence of engineering, production, maintenance, and the executive, to realize productivity improvements beyond imaginable numbers and establish the technical foundation for Industry 4.0 compliance.


Our ability to incorporate all of our expertise into a unified tool, results in redefining operational capacities and implementing controls and procedures to automatically maintain optimal levels.

What do we do?

Our success in delivering multifaceted projects and understanding the interconnecting implications, is what became RPM.  Below is a listing of services we can provide individually, or as part of a full RPM implementation.

Automation - Control System Design

From greenfield facility design to existing process refinement, automation expertise is critical to our business success.  Let us show you why we’re so much more than integrators.

Mechanical design, modification, and prototype development

Process improvement often requires mechanical modification. If you have an issue, we can prototype and/or modify existing components. Ask us for examples of our innovative creations.

AutoCAD and Solidworks 2D and 3D drawings

Most great ideas start with a conversation. Let us produce the drawings to turn the idea into reality

PLC and HMI Programming and Commissioning

By understanding the capabilities of the components and controls, we’ll get your equipment running as soon as possible.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Automated reporting is at the heart of what we do.  Designing department specific dashboards and reporting mechanisms is second nature.

Industry 4.0 feasibility study and evaluation

The fourth revolution is happening and we’re ready, are you? Let us assess where your operations are positioned, and define the path to Industry 4.0

Operational Efficiency evaluations

Performance improvement is our foundational passion. Let us review your operation for opportunities to improve and increase production.

ERP-MES Synchronization

ERP Systems are data reliant.  The accuracy and efficiency of data transfer from production to the ERP is critical.  Let us show you how to translate automatically generated data into an ERP receptive format.  With RPM, productivity is prioritized while serving the needs of the ERP system.


Scientific Research and Experimental Development credits are a refund mechanism to encourage innovation and development.  When our projects require a nonstandard approach to achieve our operational objectives, our programs are recorded such that our clients investment may be eligible to SRED credit.


Executive commitment to being “as good as we can be”, is the only common component that “all” of our clients share.   And, it’s all we need to start a conversation.  “There may be an operation that we can’t substantially improve, but we haven’t found one yet”


Where Do We Do It?

We have worked successfully in several manufacturing and production environments such as:



Heavy Industry / Bulk Material Handling


Food and Beverage Processing and Packaging


Hi Technology Manufacturing


Consumer Packaged Goods




Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Case Study: Bulk Material Processing

Shipping terminal increased loading capacity using Confirmed Automation Systems.

Case Study: Food and Beverage

Mushroom processing facility increased packaging throughput by 70% using Confirmed Automation Systems.