Case Study: Monterey Mushrooms

Optimizing Line Performance

The Opportunity

The wash line at Monterey Mushrooms’ Morgan Hill facility was recently upgraded with a high speed filler for packaging sliced and whole mushrooms into tills. A central industrial control system was in place to provide full automation for the line.

During our audit of the line, we determined that the filling equipment was not continually operating at maximum speed. This was due to a number of factors including operator behaviors, control system inefficiencies and a lack of access to detailed line performance information.

With the addition of monitoring sensors, and replacement of the existing control system with CA System, the customer was assured a 10% productivity improvement.

CA Systems Upgrade

Confirmed Automation Systems installed sensors to monitor mushroom flow along the length of the line, enabling optimized control of the line. Indicating stations were installed to provide operators feedback on line speed and delays, encouraging a more consistent flow to the line. The centralized CA System control interface was developed to ensure that the line leader was continuously aware of line performance and any issues that were impacting line performance.

The CA System data logger and analysis tools were added to enable the operators and management group to monitor line performance. Operators now enter the SKU for each product run through the line, and production reports are available in real-time to the facility and to corporate headquarters.

More Cases Per Hour


Faster Packaging

Morgan Hill packages their mushrooms 70% faster using Confirmed Automation Systems


Line Throughput

Previous: With the new filler, the line ran continually at 275 cases per hour.

Current: The line runs continuously at 450 to 500 cases per hour.


Previous: Manual reports created by walking through the shipping area to count pallets.

Current: Automated reporting available in real-time. Substantially improved accuracy with production counts.

Labour and Supervision

Previous: Supervisors accepted discontinuous line operation.

Current: One extra labourer was required to pack-out at the faster rate. Supervision effort was reduced.

Weight Accuracy

Previous: Till weight accuracy not recorded.

Current: Weight accuracy reported, errors resolved. Considerable waste reduction. .

Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Monterey is the America’s largest and only national marketer of fresh mushrooms, supplying unique, innovative and high quality products for sale to supermarkets, foodservice and ingredient manufacture operations, and for preparation of processed, canned, and frozen mushroom products. Headquartered in Watsonville, California, Monterey has production, sales and administrative offices, internationally. An international, multi-facility company, with 10 mushroom growing farms strategically located throughout North America.