Refined Productivity Management™

Refined Productivity Management™ redefines operational capacity.


What is Refined Productivity Management™?

Refined Productivity Management™ (RPM™) is the refinement of components, controls and workforce to establish new benchmarks for productivity, comprising all the tools needed to manage to a redefined standard.

  • Significant throughput increases without overtasking of equipment or workforce
  • Operations Intelligence: Visibility of operations metrics at all levels from the operating equipment to the boardroom, through a single interface
  • Visualization and Analytics capabilities of production environments
  • Hands off order processing
  • Automated production and compliance reporting
  • Traceability (PTI)
  • Efficiency (ISO, Six Sigma)
  • Consistency (QA/AC)
  • RPM™ requires no major production interruptions or capital equipment replacement to implement


We are able to share actual client data confirming productivity and efficiency increases of over 30 percent with ROI timeframes of less than 3 months.

How does RPM™ work?

RPM™ takes all available technical, operational and business information into consideration and realigns all components, programs and employee actions to create a production environment that automatically operates in the optimum condition, all the time.

1. Top Level Vision

Executive Alignment

Corporate commitment on objectives

2. Operational Alignment

Site Management Review

Collaboratively review with all department management

3. Expert Observation

Site Technical Review

Comprehensive site assessment and operational review


4. Comprehensive Analysis

Summary and Proposal

Detailed technical report including proposal for improvement solution implementation

5. Design and Engineering

Project Delivery

Mechanical, Electrical, and software design. On site commissioning and training


6. RPM™

Benefit Confirmation

Consistent operation at the redefined level

Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Talk To Us About How Our RPM System Can Improve Your Business

Operational Capacity > Design Capacity

Typically, mill or factory “design capacity” is based on a cumulative operating capacity calculation that ignores synchronization potential and controls capabilities.

By redesigning controls and components supported by real time operations intelligence, RPM™ allows you to achieve what can be done, and gives you the software tools to keep operating at that redefined level.

Case Study: Neptune Terminals

Neptune Terminals increased shipping capacity using Confirmed Automation Systems.

Case Study: Monterey Mushrooms

The Morgan Hill Facility packages their mushrooms 70% faster using Confirmed Automation Systems.